Sensor Broom

We have invented an innovative technology to assess your sweeping efficiency. We use wireless transmission to link a diagnostic brush to proprietary software running on a laptop.  An array of sensors embedded in the brush head records the number of brush strokes and the pressure exerted on the ice.  The computer provides a detailed visual display of sweeping efficiency while it creates a data base that can be analyzed to address many crucial questions.  You sweep; we do the analysis.

What questions can our technology answer for your team?

  • Who are your strongest sweepers?
  • Are you more efficient sweeping on the left or right side of the rock?
  • Are you more efficient sweeping draws or hits?
  • What are the most efficient posture and hand positions?
  • Should you use your slider when sweeping, or are you more efficient with two grippers?
  • How good is your stamina?
  • Does your efficiency change from the over the course of a shot, the course of an end, and the course of a game?
  • How effective is your strength and fitness training?

Contact us about pricing and features.

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