Sweeping Analysis

Real-time data display of sweeping characteristics of the player on the ice.

Would you like to maximize your success by increasing your team’s sweeping performance?   Increasing sweeping efficiency represents one of the most important areas of potential improvement.

Research published in scientific journals shows that effective sweeping can have a profound effect on shot outcomes.  Summarizing the results of scientific research, Scott Arnold, a nationally certified curling coach and current Competition and Development Officer at the World Curling Federation states, “top sweepers can extend the path of a stone by 6 to 7 feet over the final 1/3 of a sheet.”

What we can do for you.  We have invented an innovative technology to assess your sweeping efficiency. We use wireless transmission to link a diagnostic brush to proprietary software running on a laptop.  An array of sensors embedded in the brush head records the number of brush strokes and the pressure exerted on the ice.  The computer provides a detailed visual display of sweeping efficiency while it creates a data base that can be analyzed to address many crucial questions.  You sweep; we do the analysis.

What questions can our technology answer for your team?

  • Who are your strongest sweepers?
  • Are you more efficient sweeping on the left or right side of the rock?
  • Are you more efficient sweeping draws or hits?
  • What are the most efficient posture and hand positions?
  • Should you use your slider when sweeping, or are you more efficient with two grippers?
  • How good is your stamina?
  • Does your efficiency change from the over the course of a shot, the course of an end, and the course of a game?
  • How effective is your strength and fitness training?

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